Good Update on Mom

We found out the bone marrow biopsy was clear.  AND…the tumor, which was toward the back of her tongue, and quite large, has shrunk so much injust over one week that you cannot even see it now!  Her doctor was very happy yesterday! Next round of chemo is on the 11th.  Thank you for all the prayers! Please keep them coming!

19 thoughts on “Good Update on Mom

  1. Wonderful news Randi. I’ll continue to keep your Mom and your family in my prayers for a complete recovery.

    Judy in MO


  2. You and your Mother have been drifting in and out of my thoughts, Randi, so I’m grateful to hear this good news!
    May Heavenly Father continue to bless your Mother. I’m really so happy for you.


  3. That’s great news Randi, I hope the great news keeps on coming. Hugs and prayers flying your way,


  4. I am so happy to hear your Mom’s good news. I hope she continues to do so well and soon the doctors say “What tumor?”.
    God is so good.


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