So I Was Stitching Away and CRAP!!

You have got to be kidding me? Seriously!?



HOW did that seam get THERE??? I was SOOOO careful to lay out the binding and go ALL THE WAY AROUND the quilt with it to make sure THAT did NOT happen.  Crap, crap, crap!! So, that put a halt to my happy stitching…bragging to myself about how I think this is the BEST binding I have EVER done.  Now I have to completely undo that section and splice in a new piece, because I am not going to let one stinking corner ruin the best binding I have ever done.  Crap.

And yeah, I cleaned it up for the blog…I don’t think I was really saying crap.

17 thoughts on “So I Was Stitching Away and CRAP!!

  1. Oh my! Dang it – well , did you ever machine quilt your quilting gloves (off your hands of course) in your quilt, and not notice until 20 minutes too late? Hey, you’re not the only one with issues! Funny! LOLOL


  2. When that happens to me I cut out some of the batting bulk from that corner and keep going. It all works out fine.

    It happens to me a lot because I am lazy when it comes to binding.


  3. Poor Randi! I’ve done that before…so frustrating! And generally it’s not the first corner where you catch the mistake, but further around the border.


  4. Just wanted to say hello.I have shared your blog with a couple of quilt friends and they love to see what you are doing in quilts and life in general. You did a great job on the apron.Grandma Allen and Great Grandma Allen would be real proud of you!!!!! Keep up the good work ! By the way this is your sister -in -law.HAve fun and feel better soon!!!!


  5. i leave mine there too…cut away the bulk and you are good to go! my biggest peeve is that you can see the stitching so i typically take a permanent marker and carefully color the stitching threads to help them blend more. they are more noticeable on a corner…


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