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Finally Made It To the Green Thread

Today, I finished up all the quilting with white thread, and started on the green.  I had already been at it for about three hours by then, and my shoulder couldn’t take anymore, so I didn’t get far with the green.  But I wanted to give Joanna a quickie update, and answer a previous question wanting to know what I was going to put in the outer border.



I love the movement that CC (continuous curve) give to the pinwheel blocks.  It really seems to  make them “spin”.



Off to bed now…I’m exhausted!

19 thoughts on “Finally Made It To the Green Thread

  1. Cute Cute Cute.
    The entire quilt is so fresh and fun. I like the quilting you’ve done on this top. With such exact measurements, I still think your borders look computerized… even more so the way the two borders align so perfectly! ha ha


  2. It really does look perfect and exact. I am sitting here wondering how you will make the other border come out the same amount of half circle (but then I know how.) It just never works out that well for me. You like to use your ruler a lot. I do too. Mostly because my freehand is shakier than I like to see. Rulers make me look like a better quilter!
    Your quilting is very fresh and pretty on this quilt. Nice job Randi!


    1. This is a commercial pattern called Chubby Chicks, by Teri Christopherson. I believe it is available online, in numerous shops. Just to clarify any confusion, I did not make this quilt top…it is from one of my customers and fellow bloggers, and I have linked to her in the post. The only thing I can take credit for on this one is the quilting…lol.


  3. What is the thing with the painters tape on it?? I can’t even guess. I love the quilting on the sweet quilt but what is the “thing” laying on it???
    PS: I’m an Allen too.


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