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Stash & Progress Report

First, I will get my complaining and whining out of the way.  I had great intentions to get so much accomplished this weekend.  Then wham! Wake up Saturday morning, early, with a headache.  Get up, take Imitrex, back to bed, next time I wake up it is after 9! And I still feel cruddy.  Head is better, but I feel cruddy, sluggish, achy all over.  So needless to say, my Saturday wasn’t what I hoped it to be.  I did manage to get the cute piggie quilt finished and ready to be delivered this week. Today, I felt better, but my shoulder & rib pain has really been ramped up the last few days, as well as my allergies.  Some of you know the latest on my issues with my shoulder blade & ribs, but for those that don’t, I am now seeing a physical therapist, at the urging of my chiropractor.  I had my evaluation with her Wednesday, and she agrees that it is not normal, the way my shoulder blade is moving.   No one can really figure out WHY I am having the issues I am having, which is frustrating.

I go back next Wednesday, and she is going to show me how to tape my shoulder blade, to try to stabilize it, and will have some exercises for me then, also. She has had one other patient in her eleven years that had similar symptoms. She said my shoulder blade is the only one she has felt doing what mine is doing. Apparently, it is moving around way more than it should, and going where it shouldn’t. And, my chiro has to keep putting my stupid ribs back in place. My entire right side rib cage is lower than the left, and there are three that keep “popping out of place”. He can get them back, and within days, they are out again. My shoulder blade sounds like it is grinding against bone. It sounds, and feels, terrible. Pain ranges from moderate to excruciating, and is near constant. I also think it causes some of my migraines. The PT said she hopes that we can get some improvement, but that it will probably never be all the way better. But some better is better than none better.  Sorry to bore you with all that, but you never know when someone else might be having the same problems, and either you help them with sharing your information, or they might help you with some advice or answers you haven’t found yet.

So now, back to stash reporting.  After today, my stash amount busted is now back in the positive for the year.  A whopping 4.25 yards!  I busted another 4 yds. this week, backing the comfort quilt for our friend with breast cancer.  I got the quilting finished on it today.


I love the pink thread over the cream strips.


I also managed to get zippers attached to my leaders on my longarm.  I hope I like using them.  I did NOT enjoy the process of attaching them! But they are on, and I am looking forward to giving them a try.

I’m looking forward to getting started on my next customer quilt, but I still have some finalizing of the quilting plan to finish.  Joanna, I hope to be sending you some more ideas over the next day or two, if all goes as planned.  I will try very hard to be able to get started on it this coming weekend.

Speaking of weekend, I am sad that it is almost over already, especially since I wasted most of Saturday, just trying to feel better.  Oh well.  Have a blessed & wonderful week y’all!

8 thoughts on “Stash & Progress Report

  1. I’m so sorry that you are having so many pain issues. There’s nothing good about that. I think physical therapists are the most underrated people in the medical profession. They work miracles every day!

    The quilt is so pretty! Very happy.


  2. You are doing a lot of beautiful work in spite of all that un-beautiful pain! Have you considered lowering your quilting frame a bit… perhaps it would relieve a bit of stress while you are quilting. Just a thought.


  3. Hi!
    I read your post and even though I do not have this problem, maybe the following info might help you. Not quite sure in which state you live, so you may have to look around to find somebody who offers this service in your area.
    My chiropractor has 2 neat, rather hi-tech equipments. One is a X-Ray motion machine ( dmxworks.com) that basically takes a video under X-ray and can therefore pinpoint the “unusual” path that your shoulder takes. So you do certain movements and he films it. Analyzing this “video”helps to see where something goes wrong and find a counter measure. I am not a doctor, but it has helped me for my back issues and finally finding out what was wrong with me.
    Additionally he has a Pro-adjuster (http://www.proadjusterlifestyle.com/) that gets every vertebrae back into its (almost) perfect spot with same “space technology” equipment. I love it – and will not go to any other manual manipulating chiro any longer.
    I wish you well and get better soon! If I bored you to pieces, sorry…


  4. Wow! I love the new advances in chiropracty!

    And if “they” are now seeing the problem with your shoulder blade, perhaps they can help the muscles relearn how far to go and when to stop the movement. Kinda like our own “muscle memory” when quilting!

    The quilt is so awesome I think it’s just a bonus that it helped you bust some of your stash. I keep thinking when my stash is all gone, I will be, too. Yeppers, I’ll be about 207 years old and still trying to be rid of it.


  5. Hi Randi,
    I have perused your blog and have what is likely a very beginner question. Do you not attach your quilt top and backing to the lower rolls? I have heard of “free quilting” from a few others, but how do you achieve good tension? What are the benefits of this (besides being able to go back up on the quilt to an area already quilted?



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