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Dropping In For Another Quick Post

Wow, January is just busy, busy so far.  This week I had quilt guild Tuesday night.  I’ve also been working on end of year tax stuff.  Fun, fun, fun.  I typed all our W-2’s, only to discover I was checking a box I didn’t need to check, and now I am about to go retype them.  I need to balance the company check book, and do the sales tax filing for December.  Of course, we have to get everything together for our accountant. 

My son has not had anymore hives breakout since Sunday.  Yay!  But now, I swear, I am coming down with something again.  Sheesh, how many times can I catch this crap in a three month span.  But the nasal stuffiness and scratchy throat feeling is back.  I’m crossing my fingers it’s the crazy weather, and I’m not really getting sick again.  Yesterday we were in the 50’s, today at 1:00 we had only reached 20.  It’s FREEZING cold out.  But, I think it’s supposed to be a short cold blast, and back to 50’s. 

I finished the quilting on this one.  Not the greatest pics.  I couldn’t get really good light today. 




It’s a cute, fun quilt, and I thought it needed fun, cute quilting.  I sure hope you like it, Betty! 🙂  Thanks for letting me quilt for you!

Now, I’m off to redo W-2’s.  😦

13 thoughts on “Dropping In For Another Quick Post

  1. Randi what a fun quilt and what perfect quilting for it too!
    Sarah’s friend is here this week and its been brutally cold as in -38 during the day windchill’s. I suspect that when he gets home he won’t complain so much about the chilly Texas weather lol. He sure has been a good sport about the cold weather.
    I’m glad your sons doing better, now you really do need to kick the cold to the curb girl!! take care of yourself.


  2. That one looks like it was fun to quilt!!! 😀 Great news about DS!!! Hope it is just the weather for you and nothing more…. although 50?! I was informed today that there is a twenty below the 0 on the thermometer…..


  3. Amazing quilt. And we’re fighting the same stuff here. I dont’ know what it is about this season, but it’s like nobody can kick it.


  4. I’m with Suzanne…that floral motif in the second picture is gorgeous!

    Glad DS is better and hope you aren’t getting sick.

    About the weather…it got cold here too…OK no only got to the high 50’s today…that’s really a cold daytime high for south Florida. We had the fire on all day today. And yes, I realize it’s nothing compared to 50 below….but this is south florida for crap’s sake!


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