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Small Change = Big Difference

Ok, so I really like these fabrics together.


I really like the individual stars I’ve been making with them.


However, I  wasn’t liking them together. It just wasn’t working for me.  I was feeling like I was really messing up a lot of pretty fabric.


And then I rearranged them…again.  But I used a different approach.  Instead of trying to alternate lighter star/darker background blocks, I quit paying attention to that, and laid them out according to backgrounds only.  Much better!  Now, it’s working for me.  🙂


Only 29 more to go!

6 thoughts on “Small Change = Big Difference

  1. I LOVE both layouts! Those are my colors. I’m so into that teal color now. I see Moda’s Sonnet collection.
    If you don’t like it when you are done…send it onto me! 🙂


  2. I like the colors together. I do notice the 2 busy florals together at the bottom. You may choose to move one of those after the other 29 are done.


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