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Suzanne has a post on her blog today about simple quilting.  Sometimes a simple piecing pattern is the right choice.  Here is my start on the first of two memory quilts commissioned by a family.  The squares are cut from shirts that belonged to to their 14 year old brother, who was tragically lost in an auto accident 7 years ago.  The quilts will be a gift to their mother.  What an honor to be trusted with such a special project.

This is  what I’ve been working on this week, along with trying to finish up a custom quilting job that has been on my machine waaaayyyyy too long. 


9 thoughts on “Simple

  1. Great quilt and a beautiful memory. I love the design chosen and how it showcases the memory – a more complicated quilt might take some of the focus off of that. The mother will be so pleased.


  2. Randi, I have all of my dad’s flannel shirts but haven’t known how I want to use them in a memory quilt. I like what you’ve done and am eager to see it all completed.

    You are inspirational. 🙂


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