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Sunday Report, 8-3-08

  • I used 16.75 yard total this week.
  • I bought 17 yards
  • YTD total used is 4.75 yards

Yes, I fell off the wagon this week, but busted enough to not lose too much ground.  Now, I’m NOT buying any more fabric the rest of the year!  No, really, I mean it.  I do.  What are you laughing at?  I’m serious.

Ok, so what did I buy?  32 fat quarters, at 40% off, and then I ordered some more from Thousands of Bolts.

Purty, huh?

What did I bust? I finished my dad’s top, and pulled 9.25 yards for the backing.  This is going to be one of those “quilting makes the quilt” tops.  It’s just flat right now, but I think I will love it once it’s quilted.

I also finished the top for a commissioned baby quilt, made the backing, and cut the binding.  I used a Chinse Coins pattern I picked up from www.quiltintia.com.  There’s lots of Chinese Coins patterns out there, and I could’ve figured out how to make it without a pattern, but I’m lazy sometimes, and just don’t want to do all the math and fabric figuring myself.  Quiltin’ Tia has several simple little patterns like this, where they have all the yardage figured, etc., and permission on the pattern to use it for personal use or profit.  Just don’t share copies of the pattern.  I pulled all the fabric for this little quilt from my stash.

More test results back, and my estrogen levels were too low.  The MRI got rescheduled, because the hospital forgot to get an authorization number from my insurance.  Still waiting on some of the other blood work to come back.  I am feeling better today, though. 

I’ve started working on one of two commissioned memory quilts, made from the shirts of a 14 year old boy, that was killed in an auto accident 7 years ago.  One will be a t-shirt quilt.  The one I’m working on right now, is going to be simple squares cut from his plaid button up shirts, joined with a neutral sashing, with a border of the same sashing fabric.  The boy’s three surviving siblings are having them made for their mom.  I have to kind of turn my brain off a bit while I’m cutting up the shirts. 

How many of you remember ‘Mater Man?  I used him as the subject of my first attempt at an art quilt.  And I used my newly dyed fabrics for him.  Try not to laugh too hard.

A stressful moment from the week involved a large toad.  I saw him by a drain pipe at the hospital when I went for testing.  He was hurt pretty bad, but not dead.  It was apparent that he was just suffering a slow death.  I will spare you the details, but I did not leave the hospital without him, and his suffering was soon over. 

I did have to cut my big sunflower and bring it in, and the blooms have continued to open.

Thanks for dropping by! Have a great week!

10 thoughts on “Sunday Report, 8-3-08

  1. Love your new fabrics Randi. I just can’t get into stash busting I want to do stash adding. Yep I’m addicted to fabric. Love your mater man and the dyed fabrics. I hope you are feeling better and get good results.


  2. The 3 siblings are doing that Mom a huge favor if she still has those shirts after 7 years! A quilt will be so much more meaningful. Nice fabric shopping – I like to order from 1000s of Bolts too. Log cabin quilts are one of my very favorite patterns and the quilting really does make them “pop”. And like you – I often buy simple patterns just to have the correct measurements/etc. – I just don’t have the time or desire to “do it all”. The coins are cute!
    Grrrr about the insurance/hospital thing – paperwork does seem to slow things down…. hope you are feeling better soon.


  3. Great quilts, I love log cabins, and the baby quilt is so colorful. I know you must be getting tired of medical tests, I hope that everything turns out well. I love sunflowers.


  4. Love the quilts! And that new fabric is yummy!!! It’s a good thing I have a strong will power or you might be a bad influence 😉 Try think of the comfort and gift of beauty you are giving the boys family instead of the loss.


  5. Randi, you have been very busy! I love the log cabin and the baby quilt. Don’t feel bad about buying fabrics — you can’t be good all of the time. And the sunflower is fabulous!


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