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Not much sewing going on

I am sitting here drinking my coffee, before I go get ready for work.  How would I ever get my day started without my coffee!? I took a couple of vacation days Friday and Monday.  We left Friday afternoon to head up to Nebraska to visit my oldest stepdaughter and her family.  They have purchased their first home and we had a great time going to see them and it.  I had a little, bitty shadow the whole time I was there.  I wish I had remembered to take my camera.  Miss Caitlynn will be three in December and she is a doll.  She went everywhere I went, even sleeping with me the last night.  Her two big brothers are growing up so fast and are in a new school this year, and doing great.  It was wonderful to get to spend time with them.  We had to be back Sunday evening for a class my son has been taking at church.  But Monday morning, we got up and drove to Amarillo to go shopping.  I don’t know if it’s the changing season or what, but the “home improvement bug” seems to have bitten me.  We went to Lowe’s and Home Depot.  I got two new light fixtures and a new ceiling fan/light for the bedroom.  DH installed one of the new light fixtures in the entryway last night.  I picked up paint sample cards and I think I have decided on new colors for the entryway, and eventually the living room.  My son announced that he wants to change his bedroom (again) from his current Texas Longhorn theme, to a dark blue, dark brown, cream color scheme.  As soon as the words are out of his mouth, I am already imagining the fabulous quilt I can make in those colors and he says “I don’t want a quilt, I want a comfortor! I want something fluffy”.  How can this be? Is that really what MY child said???  :-0  Oh well, I’m still planning the quilt…it can go on top of the “fluffy” thing 😉 .  I am also really in the mood to be sewing and creating…although I haven’t done any of that since last week. 

And now that Kim Stotsenberg’s new book is finally out, I can say how excited, surprised, and honored I was when she asked me if she could include a picture of a wallhanging I quilted in her book! And she sent me my very own copy as a gift. Thank you, Kim!

And now my coffee is almost gone and I MUST get up from here and go get dressed for the office.  Later taters!

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Sometimes things just work out like they were supposed to all along

While picking out the Signature variegated thread, I really began to question my choice of it on this little top in the first place.  So, when I got it all set up to quilt again, I decided to switch to the Rainbows Autumn.  I did some stitching on my practice sandwich, tension was perfect, and did a row on the top.  It looks so much prettier than the Signature did! I really think the Signature was too heavy and stood out too much, where the Rainbows complements it without stealing the show.  I only did one row, as I was already tired, but now I look forward to finishing it.  Perfect tension on this row, too.  Oh well, live and learn.