Quilting Projects 2010

This section is where I track projects I have going.  WIP’s (work in progress), UFO’s (quilting projects that have been started, but not worked on in quite some time), PIGS (projects in grocery sacks), WOBs (this is my own term for quilts Waiting on Binding), and my finished projects for the year.  I also keep track of my stash busting efforts here. If you are one of my longarm clients, you can also find where your quilt is on my customer queue. Hover over the page title above, Quilting Projects 2010, to see the drop-down list of pages that you can click on to visit.

One thought on “Quilting Projects 2010

  1. My name is Colleen and I am with the City of Boerne Parks and Recreation Department. Our department is extremely excited to sponsor the return of Boerne’s Hauptstrasse Quiltfest on May 15th. This outdoor quiltfest is not a guild show, but rather a festival, we feel it offers a unique opportunity to educate the general public about quilting, stimulate interest in quilt making, and for quilters to gather and show case their beautiful works of art. We are currently seeking demonstrators or presenters for our event. I came across your blog and we would love to have you participate in any way, either by registering your quilts or doing a presentation on the day of the event. Participation is free! This event actually took place 7 yrs ago and the city department has decided to resurrect this great event for the entire community to enjoy. We will need all the help we can get to make this year an eventful one. If you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you.



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