5 Day Report

Not much to add…I only got one more row put together on my Storm at Sea wallhanging.  I did look at my new issue of McCall’s Quilting that came yesterday.  I fought a sinus headache all day at work, and was feeling slightly better, but worn out by the time I got home.  I sewed that row while home on my lunch break.  I did force myself to do some Flylady cleaning in my bedroom.  I had to do a little unexpected babysitting for a friend, from about 7:oo to almost 8:00 last night.  Then I went straight to bed.  I wish I could stay home and sew today.

 OH!  Before I went to work yesterday, I took aforementioned 16 year old to get his driver’s license.  He’s official now!  He picked me up for lunch, and went to get me a cold slush from Sonic yesterday afternoon.  So strange, watching them drive off by themselves the first few times.

Kay’s Challenge

In response to a challenge posted by an online friend, I will try to remember to post what I accomplished quilt related for the 5 days.  Yesterday, amid laundry and a few other household chores, I put four rows of my Storm at Sea wallhanging together.  It took me about 45 minutes just to find the layout I liked best.  I should have been working on putting together the backing for Mom’s quilt, but I ran across the Storm at Sea project, I had tucked it away and forgotten about it, and got sidetracked by it.  It was just what I felt like working on.  I’m sure I will be looking for quilting suggestions when the time comes.  🙂 Today, I probably won’t have much to report, as it’s back to the daily grind of the day job.

From “0 to 16” in the Blink of an Eye

Where did my little boy go so fast?  All of sudden it seems, he is gone, but there is this wonderful young man where he used to be.  I miss that little boy sometimes.  That’s something you don’t know about before you have them.  How do you miss someone, who technically, is still here?  But you do.  Hard to put into words, but I know that every mother reading this will know exactly what I’m trying to say. 

He had a much better day in the 2nd golf tournament.  However, he still didn’t place in the medals.  I believe he ended up in 5th, the second day.  He shot a 75, which was four over par.  The winner posted a 69, and there was a 71, and three 72’s.  As badly as he scored the first day, he still ended up 8th.  The low score that day was a 78. 

Yesterday, we went out for birthday lunch with my parents.  DH traveled down to join us, and we all got back home around 3:oo yesterday.  I really enjoyed the time with my parents.  Mom & I got to play some Skip-Bo. 

These are my new batiks.  I need some ideas for a project to use them in.  They are so pretty, and I’d like a pattern that will really show them off.  Actually, I think they’d make a cool pineapple quilt, but I hate to cut some of them up so small the pattern doesn’t show.  Especially the one on top.  I’d love to hear your suggestions.


Happy birthday, D!  I love you!

000_4744.jpg    000_4724.jpg   000_4721.jpg

Golf Tournament Day One

Well, we have today’s golf tournament behind us.  Bless his heart, DS did NOT do well today.  But he kept his chin up and finished, and ended with a birdie.  He did finally start playing well, but he started off so poorly, there was no recovering from it.  Strangely, most of the other boys we know didn’t do well today, either, compared to how they usually play.  We are staying here at my parents.  DS’s good friend, who is also playing in these two tournies, is staying here, as well.  His day was even worse.  They posted 86 & 88, respectively.  They are now happily playing video games and relaxing.  Mom & I are just about to hit the local fabric store!  No, I don’t need any new fabric, said I wasn’t  going to buy anymore, but we’ll see.  I might need a small dose, you know, for medicinal purposes.  🙂  I’ll let you know later if I was good, or bad.

More Caterpillar News

I’ve been keeping an eye on the caterpillars outside, and they seem to be doing just fine this time.  In fact, I felt like they were growing faster than the ones indoors.  I did get to see one of the ones I had inside shed it’s skin, right in front of me!  How neat!  Anyway, one by one, I moved the little guys back outside.  Took a couple of days, as I didn’t want to handle them, as that can be damaging to them.  I had to hold the stems they were on next to the dill outside, til they crawled onto it themselves.  They all seem to be thriving. 

These are ones that were indoors for awhile.  One of these is the one that molted in front of me.  See the little one, too?  It was just a tiny little black worm a couple of days ago.  They grow so fast.


These are ones that I left outside.

000_4703.jpg Man, they really love that dill!000_4705.jpg

I had planned on posting a bit more of my photos I took in the yard the other night, but I am so exhausted, and I have to pack after we eat dinner.  So the caterpillar update will be it as far as pics for a few days.  We are grilling burgers tonight.  Derek & I will be leaving after work tomorrow, to spend some time with my parents, and for Derek to play in a couple golf tournaments while we are there.  He plays Thursday and Friday.  DH will come join us at Mom & Dad’s on Saturday, where will be having a birthday party!  This Sunday, the 22nd, some sweet boy I know will be turning Sweet 16!  How can that be already? 

Woohoo! I finished my Mom’s Quilt top!

000_4687.jpgThis is a king size cornerstones quilt from Eleanor Burns “Still Stripping” book.  I added the inner and outer borders today, to complete the top.  It was quite a monster to wrestle around.  It’s approximately 115″ square. Next, I will have to iron the backing fabric, and sew up an even more monstrous back.  That will have to wait for another day!  Lots of great space for quilting…I’m still finalizing my plans for that.  Please Dear Lord, let me do a good job on it.  I also got a couple of very special rail fence blocks done today, and will get those out in the mail tomorrow for a dear online friend who is battling cancer.  I feel like I have done some work today.  Whew!

Wheat in the Street

This year has brought a bumper crop of wheat.  So much wheat, that they blocked off this small side street in my town, and filled it with wheat.  I thought it looked so pretty, I had to share it with you.

000_4683.jpg 000_4677.jpg

Today, I finished that customer panto.  Here is a small section of the back.  It’s Dave Hudson’s 14″ Bears in the Woods Meandering panto.  Boy does it ever meander.

000_4647.jpg The front was a very busy, scrappy squares & rectangles.  As far as fabrics, there was a little bit of everything.  It actually turned out pretty cute.

Tonight, I leave you with more pics from the things that caught my eye in my yard.  Moss Rose …I love this stuff!

000_4499.jpg       000_4500.jpg