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Not Much Progress to Report

I managed to get one more row sewed together on my lunch hour yesterday.  I did one more while cooking dinner last night.  That’s as far as I got on any quilting projects.  I did peruse some books & magazines, looking for a good project for my batiks.  Right now, I’m leaning toward a jewel box quilt.  Today, on my lunch hour, I sewed the remaining 2 rows, and got all the backing fabric for my Mom’s quilt pressed.  I don’t know if I will get to do anymore later or not, depends on how I feel after work, fixin’ dinner, cleanin’ up dinner, and doing a little cleaning in my bedroom/bathroom. 

Another online friend asked in a recent blog about what things make you happy on a daily basis.  That query, thank you Ronda, along with reading a couple of blogs by cancer patients, reading about a mother losing a son in another friend’s blog, and a couple of friends close to me going through some difficult situations recently,  have really made me count my blessings the last couple of days.  Just to start, this is not my official blog yet of things that make me happy, that will come when I have more time to put into it, I have to say how happy my family makes me.  Also, knowing that He who is in me, is greater than he who is in the world.  During your visit with me today, notice the new box in the sidebar, Soul Food.  I’m not sure how often it will change, but I wanted a space to share verses, etc., that really touch me, or speak to me,  from time to time.  I absolutely love this first verse.  When I came across it during a personal devotional time, it was an AHA! moment for me.   If you have one you would like to share with me, always feel free to add it to the comments of the current post, whether it’s relevant to the post or not.  I’d love to read them.  Thanks for stopping by!

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5 Day Report

Not much to add…I only got one more row put together on my Storm at Sea wallhanging.  I did look at my new issue of McCall’s Quilting that came yesterday.  I fought a sinus headache all day at work, and was feeling slightly better, but worn out by the time I got home.  I sewed that row while home on my lunch break.  I did force myself to do some Flylady cleaning in my bedroom.  I had to do a little unexpected babysitting for a friend, from about 7:oo to almost 8:00 last night.  Then I went straight to bed.  I wish I could stay home and sew today.

 OH!  Before I went to work yesterday, I took aforementioned 16 year old to get his driver’s license.  He’s official now!  He picked me up for lunch, and went to get me a cold slush from Sonic yesterday afternoon.  So strange, watching them drive off by themselves the first few times.

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Kay’s Challenge

In response to a challenge posted by an online friend, I will try to remember to post what I accomplished quilt related for the 5 days.  Yesterday, amid laundry and a few other household chores, I put four rows of my Storm at Sea wallhanging together.  It took me about 45 minutes just to find the layout I liked best.  I should have been working on putting together the backing for Mom’s quilt, but I ran across the Storm at Sea project, I had tucked it away and forgotten about it, and got sidetracked by it.  It was just what I felt like working on.  I’m sure I will be looking for quilting suggestions when the time comes.  🙂 Today, I probably won’t have much to report, as it’s back to the daily grind of the day job.

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Woohoo! I finished my Mom’s Quilt top!

000_4687.jpgThis is a king size cornerstones quilt from Eleanor Burns “Still Stripping” book.  I added the inner and outer borders today, to complete the top.  It was quite a monster to wrestle around.  It’s approximately 115″ square. Next, I will have to iron the backing fabric, and sew up an even more monstrous back.  That will have to wait for another day!  Lots of great space for quilting…I’m still finalizing my plans for that.  Please Dear Lord, let me do a good job on it.  I also got a couple of very special rail fence blocks done today, and will get those out in the mail tomorrow for a dear online friend who is battling cancer.  I feel like I have done some work today.  Whew!

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My Mimosa Tree

Today, I will treat you to some pics of my Mimosa tree.  I was so happy to discover that one of the the young trees growing in the front yard of our house, when we bought it ten years ago, was a Mimosa.  I love these trees.

000_4498.jpg              000_4572.jpg        

    000_4631.jpg                                                000_4569.jpg   I have a couple of chairs sitting underneath the Mimosa and the Locust trees.  000_4581.jpg    The little dog, Lulu,    000_4622.jpg  and I enjoyed some nice time spent there this afternoon.  We did not get the bad storms yesterday, just some rain last night, and today the high was only in the 70’s.  It was so relaxing to sit underneath that beautiful canopy of leaves and pink, fluffy blossoms,   000_4623.jpg  while I finished handstitching the binding on the blue & yellow log cabin quilt.   000_4637.jpg

And yes, I did get the binding finished!  Yea!  I only had to work at my day job til about 10:30 this a.m.  So that gave me some good time to work on quilting projects.  I got started on the customer panto around 3:00.  I got three rows done, and have about 2.5 left to go.  I could have finished it today, but instead I chose to go out to dinner with my two favorite men 🙂 .  We went out to a local Mexican restaurant. When we came home, I got it all lined up and ready to go for the next row, but decided that could wait til tomorrow.