Month: August 2016


It’s Cunningham peach truck day here and I have already made it out to get some. I look forward to their arrival every year. So good! I love to just eat them fresh, but a few of these will find their way into some cobbler. 😋

I leave shortly to make the two hour drive to the nearest airport to pick up my stepson for his summer visit. He lives in Texas, also, but the opposite end. The distance between us is a 10 hour drive. We could drive to Canada and across a few other states to get there about as quickly as to him, in the same state. Seems crazy, huh? That’s Lone Star life. I better get going! 

I Have a Finish!

Oh it feels so good! I finished Baby C’s quilt tonight. I can’t wait to get it washed and take it to him. ❤️

I love the 10 Minute Block pattern and tutorial. Such a fun, fast and easy pattern. 

I have so many WIP’s waiting in line to be finished, but first, I must start a new quilt! Because somewhere near the end of October, there will be another sweet baby boy for this Mammy to love! I’ve been looking over patterns the past couple of days, trying to settle on one. It definitely needs to be another fast and easy! 

The wedding, by the way, was just lovely. My new husband and I sat on the front row with my step-daughter and her husband and the other two sets of grandparents, with one chair  left empty for the grandfather that was there in spirit and in hearts. It was sweet. It was beautiful. It was perfect. 💙