I have been doing some….

QUILTING!! I finally finished a couple lap quilts, that only needed binding finished and labeled. One, I started before Greg’s diagnosis. The other, a gift for a friend, I started while he was still in the LTACH, but I was spending a few days home, and a few days there, dividing my time between him, work, and things that needed tended to at home. Anyway, it feels good to finally have them finished.

This one is the gift for a friend. She flew from her home in Arkansas, to spend a few days with me in Lubbock, while Greg was still in the main hospital, and I was barely holding myself together. The emotional and mental support she gave me those few days meant so much. It’s a 1600 quilt made from a jelly roll. This first photo is “pre-washing”. I quilted it with the Seven Treasures of Buddha (aka orange peel) template boards from Circle Lord. Love them!!


I liked it before, but I love the look of it after washing and drying. It makes it look so “quilty”. 🙂



This one is Boxed In, another jelly roll quilt, from Heather Mulder Peterson’s book, Let the Good Times Roll. I quilted it with a holly berry pattern, as the fabrics are Christmas themed. I used QD wool batting in this one. It’s the first time I have washed and dried a quilt with a wool batting, and it washed up beautifully! I had lost the good lighting to take a photo after washing, so this one is before.


I started a little table runner for fall. This is from a kit that I purchased form Cheryl’s Quilt Corner in Guymon, Ok, back in 2009. It is designed by Judy Rice. It’s all ready to go on the longarm. I love pumpkins. For some reason, they just make me smile.


And, I’m working on a large king size quilt for a “special someone” that has come into my life. It’s an Eleanor Burns pattern, from her Still Stripping book.


I haven’t been keeping up with any blog reading, and I discovered this evening that I seem to have lost all the quilting blog subscriptions that I had in Google Reader. I thought I had successfully exported them to the new Google apps thingy. Guess I didn’t. Oh well…no big deal thing…I will start building a new list, and hope to be stopping by to see some of you again. 🙂

15 thoughts on “I have been doing some….

  1. I love seeing a post from you and glad you are back to your quilting. Since leaving Facebook I feel so out of touch and am thankful for those who still blog. I think of you often and hope that you are doing well.


  2. I am so happy to read that you are quilting again! I have missed you and was just thinking about you the other day. finishing ufo’s is always a good thing! And I love those pumpkins too! Hugs!


  3. I love Heather’s quilt!!! (You need to check her blog and see the new baby she made!!!) I’m so glad you’re quilting again. I hope it makes you feel like maybe….someday….life will be “normal” again.


  4. That’s one of the prettiest 1600 quilts I’ve seen. Love all your quilts and quilting. Glad to see you getting back on the horse again.


  5. Love seeing your beautiful work again. I think you posted long ago when you started the Christmas quilt. Can’t wait to see what else you are working on.


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