Did you think I fled the country?

I’m still here.  I’ve have just been overwhelmingly busy.  Not much time or energy for blogging.  I have taken some random photos here and there, of things that made me smile.

Pretty green thread....
Pretty green dragonfly....

And….I didn’t get to catch any of my butterflies while they were coming out of their chrysalis…one I missed completely…the brown one is still a chrysalis…so I don’t know if it’s still alive in there, or not…but I did catch two of the butterflies doing something else.  This next part might be for mature audiences only.  😉

I also have an update on my Mom, for all those that have held her (and me) in prayer, and sent me messages of support.  Her last PET scan was “negative”…which is great news.  However, the downside is that she has more chemo yet to come, a central line will be inserted at one of her next two rounds, and they will harvest her own stem cells.  She has tolerated the chemo rather well, and her doctor wants to proceed to stem cell transplant, using her own cells.  I don’t know all that it will entail…he said we will discuss it more as the time draws nearer, but I do know that it will be rough on her.  So, I am dreading that.

I would love to hear some news on some of those that had contacted me privately about their own family members, that are going through similar battles.  I have been thinking of y’all, as well.  Please drop me a line and let me know how it is going for you and your families.

Wednesday, my “baby” goes to college.  A big life change for all of us.  Happy, sad,  and exciting all at once.

Have a blessed weekend, y’all!

12 thoughts on “Did you think I fled the country?

  1. I’ve missed you Randi, but understand the busy part. Good to hear your mom is responding, and I hope the stem cell stuff will go well for her. Will keep you all in my prayers.

    Good luck to Derek! And to you! It’s not easy to send your baby off to college. I cried BOTH times they went! HUGS!


  2. Enjoyed seeing an update from you. You & your mom are in my thoughts often. Best wishes to your son on his new college adventure.


  3. Randi, I’ve been in such a fog since my nephew was killed that I have selfishly not thought of anyone else. But I’m glad to hear that your mom’s PET scan was negative. I hope the stem cell transplant goes well and that she is on the road to recovery soon.

    As far as my sister who is doing chemo and radiation, she was doing well until her son died. She will have to be on radiation several more weeks and chemo every three weeks until March. But she’s off of the tough chemo and her hair is growing back. It’s about a quarter of an inch long and is all gray, but she looks elegant. She has been so brave. As far as we know, she does not have any cancer in her body right now. Please keep praying for her and the rest of the family. We are all still hurting so much. It’s been two weeks today since we lost Byron.


  4. Randi, I’m so happy to read that things are going well for your mom! I know that there’s still a rough road ahead, and you will continue to be surrounded by loving thoughts and prayers.

    I certainly know what it feels like to send your baby off to college! It took me the first year to get over missing the big beast, but it was wonderful to enjoy watching him grow up a bit. He’s still squirrelly, though! 😉

    Love the butterfly watch! I got some great pictures of a giant yellow swallowtail the other day. Made me think of you.


  5. Randi, I love all the pictures you post! Thanks!!! That quilt looks really cute!! I am so happy to hear your son is off to college. What a great experience for him!! You raised a good young man he will be fine!! Will he be playing golf there? I am happy to hear your mom is doing better. I amnot an expert but I think they only do stem cell work on the lucky ones!! I used to do research with stem cells and it is a very exciting time!! Since they will be using her own cells rejection is less. Please keepus updated as time permits. I love reading about your life! You inspire me! You always seem to look at the bright side of things!!!


  6. Gorgeous pictures…those butterflies are incredible! I took a similar picture of a two headed frog…I did think it was a mutant frog, until my teenager enlightened me LOL

    Hope your mom’s treatment goes well…I’ll keep her in my thoughts.


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