Month: June 2008

Sunday Reporting

No new stash usage to report.  No new stash bought.  I was hoping to have the pillow shams finished today, but I didn’t manage to get that accomplished.  I do have the tops quilted and cut out.  Just didn’t have enough steam today to do the backs.

I’ve been playing with the block layouts for my dad’s log cabin quilt.  I am emailing him pics, as I lay them out.  So far, we both like the barn raising layout better than anything else I’ve tried, including the windmill layout I had planned on using.  It just wasn’t doing it for me.  The “windmills” kind of got lost.  I am proud to report that as I was piecing the blocks, I went ahead and cut the scraps into 2.5 inch strips or squares, for a future leaders/enders project in blues & creams. 

I’m trying to keep up with the scraps as I go from now on. I am still trying to get the sack full I already had cut into strips & squares.  I did get more bricks and squares cut from that sack this week, to use in the Oklahoma Backroads quilt.

In non-quilting related news, my son won 1st place in his age division in the Jim Hitch Memorial golf tournament, in Guymon, Ok.  He played in it Friday and Saturday.  I thought the wind was going to blow us completely away yesterday.  My face was just gritty feeling from the dirt.  Yuk.  This is his 2nd year in a row to win first in his group.  If he plays all four years of his high school term, and has the lowest cumulative score of all the boys his age that played all four years, he will win the four year trophy, also.  It’s a very nice tournament and we really enjoy it. 


So What is Up With This?

This morning, when I visited my blog homepage, I was logged out, so I click on the “log in” link in my sidebar.  My Norton internet security pops up with a big red X telling me that this page is blocked for my protection.  If I know the page is safe, I can click on the link “to visit the page anyway”.  So I do, so that I can fill in my log-in info.  Boom, it pops up again.  It will not let me log into my blog from the “log-in” page, no way, no how, no sir.  I can view my blog, but I can’t get logged on as the owner.  So I click on the homepage link, and use the sign in box on it, and voila! I’m in.  What’s the deal?? Anyone have a clue? Norton said something about phishing protection.  Have the evil forces taken over the wordpress log-in page? Or has my Norton gone overprotective psycho all of a sudden?  Sheesh…I hate complications like this.  I’m just glad I’m on for now.

In other news, my son played in one of his summer golf tournaments yesterday, and finally seems to have his mojo back.  He won 1st place with a score of one under par.  Yippee!  Today & tomorrow he plays in another…hoping he does well in it, also.

I have managed this week to squeeze in a bit of quilting in one form or another, every day.  Even if it was just cutting up more scraps into 2.5 inch strips or squares or bricks for my leaders/enders projects.  My disposition has been so much better since I’ve been able to lay my hands on pretty fabric on a regular basis this last couple of weeks.  It really is good medicine for my soul. 

Gotta head off to work.  Hope I’ll be able to stay logged in.  Have a happy Friday!

Sunday Report (actual quilt content!)

Yes! I have a good stash report this week.

I busted 2/3 yd making the binding for this quilt that has been waiting to be bound for almost two years.  I love this quilt and it will feel so good to finish it!

I pulled 6 yds out to make two king pillow shams for my cousin, to go with the quilt she commissioned last year.  I wanted to quilt them, and I’ve never done shams before, so I might have used a little for than necessary to cut the sham tops from, but better a little extra leftover than short.  I used 3 yds on top, and 3 yds of a plain cream fabric for the lining.  Then, when I get this quilted and ready to finish, I will use more of the top fabric for the backings. 

I used another yard on my light version 9P & stripe, adding the first inner border.  I should have pressed it before taking the pic, but oh well.

I busted the most on these log cabin blocks.  The quilt will be a queen…8 &2/3 yds. so far!  I think I want to use the “windmill” layout, but I will have to play with them some more before I make up my mind completely.

And I’m starting to see some significant progress in my leaders/enders project from Bonnie Hunter’s site.  I have 60 of my 100 four patches done, for the Oklahoma Backroads quilt I am making as a surprise for my Mom.

Total stash busted this week is 16 yards, if I did the math right.  I need to avoid those “thirds”.  So for the year, I’m still in the hole -17.75 yds.  But I’m getting closer to a positive number! I haven’t even been tempted to buy any new stash!

My body stash busting…not so good still.  Especially not since I made that Pineapple Crack Delight that Freda posted.  Thanks a lot, Freda!  🙂  Sunday weigh-in was 145.  Really, really got get that going back in the right direction!

Have a great week!