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Happy Easter Sunday!

I haven’t busted any stash this week.  I must confess that last Sunday, after I posted my weekly report, I ordered three BOLTS of fabric.  Hey, it was on sale!  $2.50 a yard for two of them, $2.75 for one.  One is a beautiful Hoffman print, one is Robyn Randolph, and I don’t remember what the other was.  I ordered them mostly for quilt backings.  I haven’t rec’d my order yet, but when I do, I will post a pic.  I ordered them from http://www.fabric4less.com/, after receiving not one, but two emails tempting me with their big sale. 

I did my weigh-in this morning.  Last week I was 145, and today I was 144.  I really don’t know how that happened, as I have yet to get back to exercising.  Maybe just because I’ve been so darn busy. 

I have made lots more progress on the quilt I’m quilting.  I leave you today with some more pics of it.




15 thoughts on “Happy Easter Sunday!

  1. It’s looking really good!!! I personally think longarm quilting is a fabulous workout 😉 Happy Easter!!

    Thanks, Jan! It must be a good workout, as it’s about the only one I’ve gotten lately.


  2. Do you use a ruler to get those perfectly spaced spirals in the blue sashing and border? It looks great!

    I replied to Vicki privately, but for anyone else that might want to know….I just drew out the curlicues with a chalk pencil first, then stitched away. Now I’m thinking I could’ve used a wavy ruler to mark the spine…I might have to try that next time!


  3. I love the way your leaves look, Randi. I think I need to give those a try. Yup, with all that I do, I haven’t tried “leafing it”. 😉 Beautiful work, as always!

    Leaves are lots of fun, Lynn!


  4. Hey Randi… I just love seeing what you are doing with leaves!!! They are fabulous! Looks like another one I’ll want to add to my website… wink wink


  5. I love your quilting!!! Thanks for sharing, it’s so inspiring to see others work. I was wondering if you would mind if I “tag” you in my upcoming post? Thanks!


  6. Wow, I love what you are doing with this quilt. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried those leaves lol, they never look like that! And those swirls are perfect! Thanks for the tips : )


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